The trunk is straight and cylindrical. The bark is initially smooth with numerous lenticels large and elliptical; early form ritidom gray.

The flowers are unisexual – dioecious developed Amenti of 5-7 cm flowering early, early spring, during March-April.

The leaves are large, deltoid or cordiforme. The fruit is a capsule with numerous seeds.

It is a species with light temperament.

It adapts to any type of soil with a pH between 5 and 8 soils but prefers deep, moist, loose, light texture. It is recommended to be planted on land with plenty of water, swampy, flooded land, high ground water.

Water requirements vary between 3000 and 6000 m3 / ha / year.

It is sensitive to drought. It has a long growing season and accelerated growth especially in the juvenile stage. Due to rapid growth in youth, develop sensitivity to strong wind. It proved high resistance to cold, foliar and bark diseases.

Wood with soft heartwood is yellowish white, conventional medium density 300 kg/m³ and fiber content of  52%, is used for timber, for obtaining paper paste, chipboard, hardboard’s, matches, veneer.

However these species are used for biomass energy.

It has a calorific value between 2665 – 3500 kilocalories /kg, depending on the humidity.