Paulownia Clona in Vitro 112 si Paulownia Cotevisa 2:
Paulownia (a tree known as the Princess Tree or Phoenix Tree) is a hardwood tree with the fastest growth in the world. If grown in proper conditions, it can reach a height up to 20 m in 3 years and also can be harvested for timber production.
Business plan: In order for a profit to exist, it is recommended to start business with a minimum of 1 ha of land. Profitability increases as the land area is greater.




Services: We offer full services, including: soil analysis, planting, monitoring the plantation, harvesting, as well as professional assistence.




Price: The price of a Paulownia Cotevisa 2 / Paulownia Clon in Vitro 112® tree is 5 euro . The minimum amount that can be ordered is for planting on 1 ha land, that means 600 trees. We have this orderring ammout, because at the end of every growing period, our company will go, and harvest the trees.


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