Business plan

How much land do I need for a Paulownia plantation?

In order for a profit to exist, it is recommended to start the business with a minimum of 1 ha of land. Profitability increases as the land area is greater.

How many plants are needed for 1 ha of land?

It is recommended the planting every 4 m, namely 600 trees / ha.

In which period of the year can Paulownia be planted?

Because this tree is a hybrid obtained by crossing several species of Paulownia and has exotic origins, it can be plant in the spring, when the soil temperature has 7 – 8 degrees (April) until late summer (August), but at least 70 days before the first frost.

The best time for planting:
The best time for planting is April-May, which we recommend the following reasons:
- in the spring the water reserve in the soil is good;
- At this time rainfall is more frequent and may be required less watering;
- the 6 months when the technique cutting is required will be in the same calendar year

How much it costs a Paulownia plantation on 1 ha of land?

A tree of 8 weeks of age, at which point, planting is recommended in March-August period, costs  5 euro per piece + VAT.  We conclude that for 1 ha of land planted with Paulownia Cotevisa 2 the required investment is 3000 euro + VAT.

When can harvesting begin?

Paulownia Cotevisa 2 culture requires tree cutting at the base after 6 months of life, because this will lead to a growth without canopy perfectly straight, at least 5 m, and that will increase timber production type A. Harvesting begins after 3 years with a maximum productivity.

How much can I earn?

For each Paulownia Cotevisa 2 tree can be gained an average of 50 euro / piece, amount guaranteed by contract. After the first harvesting the tree will start growing again at even a faster rate without any investment. We assure long-term contracts of processing the trees obtained after the 3 year cycles of growth.

How do I order?


Since the order fulfillment is based on contract / order and work on a “first come, first served”, delivery planning / planting will be done in order of concluding contracts. Ensure early conclusion of contracts in order to plant the seedlings in optimal recommended period !!!
If we do not have seedlings on stock or in various stages of growth, we need at least 2 months from order to delivery. This period is necessary for cloning and seedling maturation until they reach optimum size of planting.

The actual date of delivery / planting will be determined at the time of signing the contract.

For delivering on time it is necessary to sign a contract and an advance payment of 30 % of the total order.