The price of a Paulownia Cotevisa 2 is  5 euro per piece + VAT. The minimum amount that can be ordered is for planting on 0,5 ha land, that means 300 trees. We have this orderring ammout, because at the end of every growing period, our company will go, and harvest the trees. At evry harvest we will pay you 40-50-60 euro/ mature tree (the cutting is done in the 4th, 7the and 10 th year after planting).
Price/ piece for a quantity smaller than 300 pieces:


The first harvesting will be 4 years after planting. For every mature tree we will pay you 40 Euro.
After harvesting the trees, these will start to grow again.
7 after planting, we will harvest again – for every mature tree we pay 50 euro.
10 years after planting, we cut down the trees one more time – we pay 60 euro for every mature tree.
After the 10th year, in case that the trees won’t grow any more, we extract the roots from the ground, and we pay you 15 euro for every root.

Land conditions

The land has to correspont to the following:


Preparing the land

Before planting the land needs to be prepared:


Ground expertise

An expert will go to inspect the land, and to take soil samples. The travel costs have to be payed by  you  (travel costs- 25 EUR/100 km, meal and accomodation if necessary).




Our team of experts will plant the trees. The planting costs 500 EUR + VAT /ha. We guarantee that all the seedlings will grow. Neilon sheet 75 EUR / Ha   + placing them 250 EUR+VAT/ha(optional,  you put it arround the plant, this way it will stop other plants from growing arout it, it will gather the water. If you choose not to put the neilon sheet, than 1 sqm around the plant needs to be kept clean).




Long term contracts:

1. Contract for purchase and sale of the seedlings

2. Contract for purchase and sale of the mature trees