Energy recovery plants

GreenE technology for biomass and organic waste gasification is based on a rotating horizontal cylindrical reactor inside which some devices make it possible to separate the different stages of the process. It is divided into 6 areas in which the stages of the gasification process occur separately and in a controlled fashion. In each one of these areas stirrers homogenise the products processed. The outside walls of the reactor are covered with a jacket which enables the endothermic and exothermic stages in the reactor to be controlled and balanced.

Cylindrical necks at the ends of the reactor allow fixed lids to be fastened to it; all the process components are introduced through these lids allowing them to be separated. Runways are supported by traction rollers in these necks. These enable slow rotation to homogenise the process and progress between each of the reaction areas.

Openings at the end of the cylinder allow the upward extraction of the gases produced and the downward extraction of ashes or unreacted solid particles. Said gases are channelled through a flared hood from whose upper end they are extracted and sent to the separation of fine particles stage. This separation is done through high performance multi-cyclone separators especially designed for high temperatures.


Gases are then fed to a heat exchanger, where a first cooling occurs by transferring heat to the atmospheric air used as an oxidising agent so that the reaction is not deformed when heated.